Food is the biggest drug nobody talks about
Everybody talks about food, sure, and how hard it is to lose weight. What nobody talks about is how it is a bigger drug than heroin, cocaine, LSD, PCP, Alcohol, etc..

Everybody in the world loves food, and everyone has to eat it to live. If you eat too much, you get weight. Simple. The trouble is, losing that weight is a grave son of a bitch! I have 15lbs more to lose before I am at what I consider being a perfect weight, so I am playing around with my calories trying to figure out what it takes to lose these remaining pounds. All that aside, it is the biggest drug out there, and nobody talks about it like it is. Not only are you forced to eat food, but when you quit any other drug, all you have to worry about is not using it again; that is if you truly want to quit it.

The problem with food is that you have to use it again and again, and it is a serious mind shit if you are forced to use something you are trying to stay away from to attain a healthier lifestyle. The number 1 killer in the USA is heart disease, followed up by cancer. What is the biggest contributor to heart disease? What you put in your body – FOOD. What is the second? Cancer. Cancers are formed in different ways, but what you eat can affect what types of cancers can be formed within your body.

#4 Killer in the USA – Diabetes. 100 years ago, Diabetes was ranked 100 top killers, now rank number 4. Why? All goes back to what you put into your body, FOOD! As we can see, the top killers aren’t from overdosing on drugs, aren’t from doing too much heroin or coke, PCP or any other nutty drug out there. The top killers are mainly attributed to by the foods you put into your body. You can’t quit food, all you can do is fill your body up with the best nutrients you can.

woman-eating-hamburgerI dipped (Copenhagen snuff) for seven years, and quit that within a few months. It was difficult, but nowhere near as arduous as kicking the food habit. Even if you are eating healthy food, you STILL have to watch how much of this healthy food you put into your system, or you will grow fat and it will affect not only what you look like, but will be detrimental to your organs. Food is the biggest drug in the world, and nobody knows it.Endeavored “Two Voices going Blog Crazy.”

Cold drinks, coffee, and related things are also included in food. Coffee causes a lot of problems as well as there are tons of benefits too. Starbucks give the guarantee of a healthy coffee. Try their healthy coffee with Starbucks gift card balance.