Luxury Portable Toilets
When planing a big party or an event with many people, one of the important things to think about is what are your guests going to use for a toilet. It is especially important when serving alcohol.

One of the simplest solutions is the Porta Potty, this cubical we see in big outdoors events. The simplest ones are made of plastic, and the septic tank is underneath the toilet seat. Not a very pleasant experience. The place is small, barely ventilated, and dimly lit.The alternative is the luxury portable toilet. Check toilet reviews for your portable bathroom or home.

Unlike it’s simpler cousin, these portable toilets are built on a trailer which is towed to the event and placed in the right spot. They are roomy, can come with multiple rooms – for men and women, and each of them can have multiple stalls.

The luxury portable toilets have chemical or real porcelain toilets in them. They have regular flush mechanism, sinks with running water, mirrors, cabinets and more. The trailer itself is carpeted and air conditioned or heated.

Luxury Portable Toilets

Diffused lighting, attractive color scheme and prints on the walls offer a warm welcome. Adding another element to comfort and privacy some of the luxury portable toilets come with a solid, floor to ceiling door in place of a partial stall closure. They can accommodate 12 people at the same time. Luxury portable toilets do not require an electrical outlet if any is available since they come with their own generator. They can be hooked to a water source or use the built-in water tank they have.

Luxury portable toilets can be drained on the spot if a sewer tap is available or be self-contained. One trailer can typically handle about 800 people in 8 hours.

Partypop is a company that has listings of other companies that rent or sell luxury portable toilets in cities all over the United States.

Uptownrestrooms promises to provide you with executive portable bathrooms that will exceed your guests’ every need. They, as the other companies specialize in weddings, corporate and private parties, golf tournaments and other large gatherings.

Davesseptic is another company that deals with rentals of luxury portable toilets. They promise to provide “all the comforts of home.” Their on-site technicians ensure that the restroom remains clean and maintained throughout the event.Luxury portable toilet enables you, the host, to spend more time with your guests and less time-solving problems. It provides peace of minds in those big important events of your life.

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